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The Confident Leader FrameworkTM

Tackling the complex challenges of leadership is anything but easy. Mastering each of the 5 parts of The Confident Leader Framework is essential for leaders to reach your next level of leadership.

  • Where are you going?
  • A clear picture of your future state.
  • An excellent filter for decision making.
  • What do you do?
  • Your three primary areas of focus.
  • Consistently used to achieve your Vision.
  • Who are you?
  • Your unique mix of strengths.
  • Equips you to advance your strategies.
  • Why?
  • Your intrinsic motivation.
  • Calls you forward to action and results.
  • How will you do it?
  • Your action plan.
  • The custom blend of resources to produce results.
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"I will never have an offsite without Robin again!"
Top Leader, Global Technology Company
"After going through the cohort program, I cross-functionality partnered with someone in my organization, and we unlocked $500,000 of new business that would have never happened before the program!"
Emerging Leader, Media Agency
"We were at our annual event of 100+ leaders who are super cynical, really smart, really arrogant. I was amazed to see Robin’s ability to gain their trust. Robin had a remarkable way of getting people, who didn’t get along, to begin to talk and listen to each other across competitive lines. It was brilliant."
Top Leader, Professional Services Organization
"I am extremely busy, but it was so easy for me to attend the cohort program because of how refreshing it was."
Emerging Leader, Media Agency
"For the executive or the leader who wants to grow, who wants to find success the right way, who wants to be a man or a woman of character and lead their family and their business in a consistent way, Robin is the guy to listen to. I think that you really have to trust his process."
Top Leader, Global Automotive Organization
"As an executive coach, Robin is a secret weapon. Robin gave me “permission” to stop thinking linearly and think bigger. Why not me? Why couldn’t I do something really big? And it doesn’t have to rob me of my soul or personality."
Top Leader, Financial Services Organization
"I had a preconcieved notion about what this program would be - some homework, group project, solving a puzzle together. But what I found was that the puzzle was me, and I'd never really paid attention to my leadership in that way. It's almost scary how helpful the program was, right from the beginning."
Emerging Leader, Media Agency
"Robin in action is a sight to behold. He is quick on his feet and has the unique ability to masterfully facilitate conversations to bring out the strengths in others. It's a talent that has created tremendous value for me and my organization."
Top Leader, Global Technology Company
"My team engagement completely changed after the cohort program. Where previously I would have lost employees, I now have higher engagement than ever before."
Emerging Leader, Media Agency
"I should pay you to receive these newsletters!"
Top Leader, Law Firm
"This man could inspire me to do just about anything!!! After hearing him speak at the event last year, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to hear him speak again this year! I was thrilled to see him again and hope to hear much more of him in the future."
Emerging Leader, Retail Company
"The Cohort program allowed me to give myself the space to prioritize management as a part of my job. I typically think in terms of billable time, but I found that by prioritizing Thinking Time, I unlocked new ways for me to be more productive, delegate and prioritize... which actually gave me more time! "
Emerging Leader, Media Agency
"I wanted to thank you for the excellent advice, feedback, and pushing. I'm in awe of your ability to read between the lines and really dig into the driving motivations or fears behind the conversational context. Brilliant and intimidating at the same time!"
Established Leader, Financial Services Firm
"I had the best sales period ever because your keynote and leadership series. Thanks for helping me generate amazing results in my business! "
Emerging Leader, Retail Company
"After a two-year period of increasing revenue, we had a recent decline. I read newsletter #92 before a team offsite, and it transformed how I showed up. Instead of beating the team up, I reminded them of their identity, and they left our conversation with the confidence to win again. "
Top Leader, Retail Company
"You are amazing! Thank you so much for spending time with our team today! I have received amazing comments about your messages. You accomplished what we needed and everyone walked away with at many nuggets of wisdom. Your motivation leaves us all wanting to be better!"
Established Leader, Media Agency
"I was really impressed with how well-versed in the subject of strategic thinking Robin was. His manner of presentation and engagement for the group allowed us to get more accomplished in one day that we had in the previous 12 months."
Established Leader, National Hospitality Organization
"I am so grateful for all of the insight and encouragement you've given me over the years. I've learned a great deal from you and the numerous gifts you've given me: focus, clarity, drive for continual growth, and the ability to find shared language and common ground in conflict, to name just a few."
Established Leader, Media Agency
"I wanted to thank you for the excellent advice, feedback, and pushing. I'm in awe of your ability to read between the lines and really dig into the driving motivations or fears behind the conversational context. Brilliant and intimidating at the same time! "
Established Leader, Technology Company

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