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About Robin

Robin Pou is an Executive Coach, Author, and Founder of a leadership development firm. Robin also created the Leadership Doubt Index – a pioneering workplace survey of top leaders that reveals significant implications on how successful leaders frequently question a critical aspect of their leadership. As part of this work, Robin founded National Confident Leader Week which is an annual nationwide initiative that aims to enhance leadership effectiveness by better understanding how leaders question their abilities, manage their doubt, and then ultimately cope with those experiences.

As an executive coach and frequent keynote speaker, Robin works with Fortune 500 executives and CEOs of high-growth organizations. His clients have included GM Financial, TimeWarner, The Match Group, The Dallas Morning News, and Sotheby’s.

In his book, Performance Intelligence at Work, which he wrote with sport psychologist Julie Bell, Robin brings the principles of sport psychology to the business arena. Industry leaders leverage these principles to defeat leadership doubt, gain greater confidence, and achieve peak performance.

As an established leadership expert, Robin’s insights have been featured in leading media publications including Bloomberg, Forbes, and the Associated Press. Robin is also a contributor to The Dallas Morning News, and he also shares his latest leadership insights in a popular weekly newsletter called The Confident Leader.

Robin started his career as an attorney before shifting to the business world where he became a successful entrepreneur who founded three companies and oversaw their growth by serving as Chief Operating Officer. Robin lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife Karen and their three kiddos: Robert, Cate, and Boyd (and their pandemic puppy, Charlie). Also, Robin serves as a chief advisor and strategist to the top leaders of numerous non-profit organizations, each of whom are pioneer leaders in their verticals.

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