We support three types of leaders.

Whether you're the CEO leading a public company or a mid-level leader who's aspiring for the next role, we have customized plans and programs to meet your specific needs.

Top Leaders
  • Break through a current challenge.
  • Achieve your professional vision.
Established Leaders
  • Take your team to the next level.
  • Achieve top results for your business.
Emerging Leaders
  • Hit your goals.
  • Achieve your next big break.

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How we help...

Executive Coaching
Tackle the toughest leadership challenges. Address the most complex business issues. Maximize growth opportunities. All in a high touch one-on-one coaching environment.
  • Define your vision and what’s most important
  • Create the strategies you can confidently execute
  • Be clear on what needs to get done next in your business
  • Get the accountability you need to make it happen
  • Grow in your leadership confidence
  • Harness your influence for maximum impact with your team and clients
  • Attain a 7 to 41x return on your investment
As an executive coach, Robin is a secret weapon. Robin gave me “permission” to stop thinking linearly and think bigger. Why not me? Why couldn’t I do something really big? And it doesn’t have to rob me of my soul or personality.
- CEO & Founder, Financial Services Firm
PEER Groups
Iron sharpens iron in a group of leaders at the same leadership level across different organizations.
  • Be in the company of high powered leaders
  • Reveal blind spots and uncover root causes
  • Get outside perspective from successful leaders
  • Navigate complex leadership challenges
  • Strategize with others to find your unique edge


"I participated in this coaching program with The Confident Leader Group a couple years ago. This was an investment I wanted to give to my business and my leadership. This program was definitely worth the investment and I am still earning residuals with growing in my coaching, my teams growth and my income growth. What Robin and his team have to offer is totally life changing and life giving!"
- Sales Leader, Retail Organization
Leadership Masterclass
Overcome your biggest leadership challenge in a peer setting with other top leaders.
  • Boost your leadership in two short days
  • Excel in each aspect of the Confident Leader Framework
  • Collaborate with and learn from other leaders
  • Emerge with your next strategic leadership move
  • Grow in your leadership confidence
  • Achieve more than you thought was possible
Robin in action is a sight to behold. He is quick on his feet and has the unique ability to masterfully facilitate conversations to bring out the strengths in others. It's a talent that has created tremendous value for me and my organization.
- Former CEO, Global Technology Company
Strategic Advisory
Leveraging masterful facilitation to achieve clarity for you and your team with a vision and strategic plan you can actually execute on to fulfillment.
  • Create the vision and strategies your organization needs to succeed.
  • Establish or affirm your leaders’ identity and purpose
  • Create the execution plan that will get done
  • Grow in your relationship as leaders through a shared experience
  • Grow your team’s leadership confidence
We were at our annual event of 100+ leaders who are super cynical, really smart, really arrogant. I was amazed to see Robin’s ability to gain their trust. Robin had a remarkable way of getting people, who didn’t get along, to begin to talk and listen to each other across competitive lines. It was brilliant.
- CEO, Professional Services Organization
Leadership Cohorts
Equip your established and emerging leaders with the critical leadership skills you require to grow the organization.
  • Develop the core leadership skills needed for day-to-day leadership
  • Create shared, organic leadership experiences that cannot be manufactured
  • Prepare your leadership team for succession planning
  • Develop and retain your top talent
  • Grow your organization’s leadership confidence
I had a preconcieved notion about what this program would be - some homework, group project, solving a puzzle together. But what I found was that the puzzle was me, and I'd never really paid attention to my leadership in that way. It's almost scary how helpful the program was, right from the beginning.
- Director of Technology, Media Agency

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