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Do You Have Feedback for Me? (#66)

The Confident Leader

In this new COVID era, leaders find themselves off the paved road. It is not their failures that take them off course; rather, it is their success that has thrust them into the dynamic situations that now challenge their leadership. Legacy leadership styles may not be sufficient for the new world order.

Feedback is the breakfast of champions.
— Ken Blanchard (author, speaker and business consultant)

This Week’s Edition

Your leadership style is useful and effective in a lot of situations. But not all. Find out how to expand your leadership effectiveness by seeking feedback.

Clarify Your Thinking

Congratulations. Your success as a leader has ushered you into your current leadership position. And your desire to grow your organization has landed you in unchartered waters. There have always been challenges – the pandemic is only the most recent one. 


My father calls this a “high class problem.” I can remember him feigning sympathy as he encouraged me to buck up and deal with the embarrassment of opportunities/challenges I faced as I was coming up through the ranks. He was right then, and his wisdom prevails today. Our current challenges are opportunities for growth – as leaders and for our businesses. Buck up!


Breaking News: your leadership style, while effective in many situations, is not effective in all situations. Leadership is situational.


If that is the case, then what is our current situation? Disruption. Uncertainty. Inflation. A battle for talent. The great resignation. Supply chain challenges. Woe to those who attempt to lead under such conditions!


Tried-and-true leadership styles may not be effective for the unprecedented times in which we are called to lead. We have options: give up or keep going. For those who choose the latter, the current environment in which you are called to lead may require new leadership skills and an evolved leadership style. You’re smart. You can fill the gaps in your leadership style.


Old Thinking: I guess my leadership has limitations. Maybe I’ve hit my limit.


New Thinking: I can improve my leadership effectiveness. I may need to add some new skills given the dynamic new situations I find myself in. How do I do that?

Thoughts Lead to Actions

Adding new leadership skills requires two steps. First, you must recognize the leadership gap. Second, find the right solution to fill the gap.


Leadership Action: Ask for feedback from those you lead.


“Nope. I’m not going to do that,” says almost every leader to whom I’ve offered this coaching. “Robin, that’s high-risk behavior.”

“Why is that?” I ask.

“Because I don’t know what they will say. What if it is bad? Once I know what they think, I will have to do something about it. What if I don’t want to do what they ask? What if I can’t change my ways?”


Create a culture of feedback where everyone in the organization is seeking continuous improvement. Model the behavior with these three steps:


1.   What feedback do you have for me around how I led that initiative?

Convey your sincere desire to seek their feedback especially if you have never done this before. At first, they may not be inclined to share since this is not a previous leadership approach you have used.


2.   What did I do well? What could I improve from your perspective?

Be specific on which topic you want feedback including what went well and what can be improved.


3.   Respond with “Thank you!”

Don’t defend. Don’t explain. Don’t say anything except, “Thank you for your feedback.”



Boost Your Performance

Your team is talking about your leadership. Why not bring that conversation to the forefront? If you know they are talking, get their feedback and take steps to improve. You might set off a firestorm of feedback and improvement, moving your organization to a more authentic culture. Find out more in this week’s video.

What’s Your Opinion?

What is the best feedback you ever received? Share it with me at

Don’t let doubt count you out. Have a confident week!

Robin Pou, Chief Advisor and Strategist

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