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Grateful for Clients (#68)

The Confident Leader

On a recent run, our conversation turned to leadership. In between short breaths, one of my running partners said, “Being a good leader is about serving others.” Bam! For leaders who subscribe to this simple definition, it creates exceptional focus. Who are you serving – yourself or others?

A brand is no longer what we tell a consumer it is – it is what the consumers tell each other it is.
— Scott Cook (Intuit co-founder)

This Week’s Edition

During this season of thanksgiving, be grateful for your clients whose patronage fuels your company. Without them you would not be a leader.

Clarify Your Thinking

Our clients are accomplished leaders from across the country. I’m honored to be their Chief Advisor and Strategist. As an organization, we are privileged to inspire, teach, train and coach the other leaders in their organization.


At a recent gathering we hosted, we acknowledged the valiant pandemic accomplishments of our clients. Their courageous efforts on behalf of their employees and customers had been noted by their peers and within their industries.


Also, because COVID created a bit of a false start, we wanted to help them officially launch the next decade of their leadership serving their customers. Ten years ago, each of us was at the beginning of a new decade. As a leader, what did you accomplish? Did you achieve everything you wanted? 


At the beginning of this new decade, you have an opportunity to cast your vision and make this decade meaningful for the clients you serve.

Thoughts Lead to Actions

Our organization strives to approach our client service in an intentional way. Among other things, we want to be easy to do business with, follow through on our commitments and design experiences that create clarity. 


As a result, we’ve created the five C’s that permeate our daily engagement with our clients:


1.   Curiosity

We are doggedly inquisitive. We ask the next question to learn and understand.

2.   Comprehensiveness

We tenaciously excavate for more information, inviting our clients to explore previously undiscovered terrain.

3.   Clarity

We order cluttered thinking to create clarity of thought and certainty of direction.

4.   Creativity

We explore innovative ideas to create expansive impactful strategic solutions.

5.   Confidence

We operate to defeat doubt and complete leadership confidence.

Boost Your Performance

What is your client service approach? Here are four steps to help you codify your approach:

1.   Take time to reflect on how you serve your clients.

2.   Write down what you do to build and maintain long-term relationships.

3.   Get your team’s input.

4.   Align all elements of your business to your client service approach.

What’s Your Opinion?

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Don’t let doubt count you out. Have a confident week!

Robin Pou, Chief Advisor and Strategist

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