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We’re Not Willing to Fail. (#198)


The Confident Leader


Seventeen years ago, I had a significant life experience and ever since that day, I’ve felt called to write a book. I said “no” to myself for many years mainly because I didn’t want to fail at something I wasn’t good at… yet! Here is the story:

“First it was impossible. Then difficult. Then done.”

―  David Gibson (Scottish Pastor)

This Week’s Edition

What is your good idea that has yet to see the light of day, but if it did would help at least one person?

Clarify Your Thinking

Recently, I was at a fundraiser and the speaker, David Gibson, offered a comment I will never forget:

“First it is impossible. Then, it’s hard. Then it’s done!”

These words rang true of my journey in writing The Reluctant Disciple.

Originally, I was going to write a personal memoir: a minute-by-minute account of a near-death experience I had on a trip to Kenya, Africa. 

A book coach encouraged me to rethink that approach because he did not think that genre would fulfill my purpose for the book.

Instead, he encouraged me to consider writing a fictional parable. My first thought was, “That’ll never happen. I’ve never done that before. That’s impossible.”

Isn’t that the way life works for us sometimes?

  1. We have an idea that we think is amazing.
  2. We let those ideas fade because we don’t know how to execute them.
  3. Even when the idea persists, we say “no” enough times that it dies.
  4. Then, as we move through life, we are left with regretful thoughts:
    • “I should have done that back then.”
    • “I would have done that BUT _______.”
    • “I could have done that if I really wanted to.”
    • “Oh, I thought of that first,” said the idea person upon seeing the idea fulfilled by someone else.  

For leaders in a highly competitive environment, good ideas are a dime a dozen. Good ideas that get thoughtfully and strategically executed are rare. Sometimes our thinking gets in the way. 

Old Thinking: I’ve got a great idea. I wonder if others will think it’s any good. Will anyone care? How will it be received? I have no idea how to go about executing it.

New Thinking: I’ve got a great idea. Who can help me assess it? Who can help me execute it? 

Thoughts Lead to Actions

What a wild ride. I’ve done something I’ve never done before – write and publish a solo-author book. A fictional parable, nonetheless. What?!? 

Here are some lessons I learned along the journey that may be helpful to leaders who have an idea and are questioning themselves.

1. Socialize your idea

  • Lean on a trusted thinking partner. In my case, I found a book coach who provoked my thinking given the ultimate purpose I was seeking to accomplish.

2. Memorialize your belief

  • Your over-arching purpose for undertaking the effort will sustain you through the challenges which will surely come. Solidify your “why.”

3. Get a process.

  • Where there is no structure (or a plan) there is no success. 

4. Take the next step.

  • You will get stuck. Resist the temptation to fight, flight or freeze. Take a step forward.

5. Enroll trusted partners.

  • Find people that want to support you and help you see your idea to fruition.

6. Give yourself grace.

  • Never has the world rewarded vulnerability or been so forgiving of errors than at this point in history. Embrace it and GO!

First, it was impossible… “I don’t know how to write a fictional parable.”

Then, it was hard… it took years to write, rewrite, and “finish” only to start the arduous publishing process… whew!

Then, it was done… the book launches on May 28th! It is finished!

Feel free to preorder a copy (or 10 – wink!). 

Currently, we are an Amazon Best Seller (#6 on the Christian Leadership chart).

Boost Your Performance

Spend this week deciding whether you will move forward on THAT idea that hasn’t quite gotten off the ground. Say “no” and be done with it. Or, say “yes” and get busy. Either way, make a confident decision. 

What’s Your Opinion?

What is an idea you’ve had that you feel a nudge to pursue? Share it with me at

If you are going to be a leader, you might as well be a good one. Don’t let doubt count you out. Have a confident week!

Robin Pou, Chief Advisor and Strategist

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